Mobile Beauty Waxing
You deserve to have your waxing done only by a highly experienced professional who uses only the best of products. Hollywood and Brazilian waxes are the main speciality and I absolutely assure you will adore the results. It will be the best wax you’ve ever had.

Waxing and Relaxing’s bikini waxing explained-

Bikini wax: My bikini waxes are very precise. Quick and easy, usually with this treatment only the warm wax is used. If a client is extremely sensitive hot wax can be used.

High bikini or Californian: Hair is removed on inner thigh, abdomen, tight around front and some hair removed underneath. G-string style!

Brazilian waxing: Hair is removed front, back and everything in between. However a little strip or triangle of hair remains above the pubic bone.

Hollywood waxing: Total hair removal in bikini area front and back.

Waxing specialist, Cork.